What is Google’s Page Experience Update?

Page experience update by Google

Firstly, what is page experience? Well, page experience is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value.

Google released the “Page experience update” in June 2021. As per this update, a web page on a website that provides a better user experience will get better rankings. Better user experience can include page load time, mobile responsiveness, better navigation, engagement from users, page trust and much more. We will see this in more detail in this article.

Look at it this way – a page from website 1 can outrank a page from website 2 even if website 2 has more authority or domain SEO score. For instance, if you are creating a guide on “Diabetes diet for old age men” a complete guide, long-form content, great user experience, and fast loading site then this blog can outrank a blog on another site on the same topic even though that site has better authority.

You can even score the top of the search page snippet (the result box that appears even above the top result). This snippet shows a small overview of your article on the search result page itself. We have done this for many of our SEO clients at Inbound Media and it works great to get high-quality organic traffic and bring your target audience to your website.

This was an easy explanation. Let’s go into more detail about the page experience update by Google.

Page experience can include Boolean Checks & Core Web Vitals.

Boolean Checks:

  1. Mobile-friendliness
  2. Using HTTPS (save way to browse the web. Every site should have an SSL certificate)
  3. Safe Browsing
  4. No intrusive interstitials (like pop-up ads, ads on full pages, popups blocking the view on mobile and so on)

Is your web page mobile-friendly? Check if your page is mobile-friendly with the Mobile-Friendly Test.

Intrusive interstitials and dialogues are page elements that obstruct users’ view of the content, usually for promotional purposes. Interstitials are overlays on the whole page and dialogues are overlaid only on a part of the page, sometimes also obfuscating the underlying content.

Core Web Vitals:

  1. FID – First Input Delay (Interactivity)
  2. LCP – Largest Contentful Paint (Loading..)
  3. CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift (Visual Stability)

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures loading performance. To provide a good user experience, strive to have LCP occur within the first 2.5 seconds of the page starting to load.

So as you can see, Google is pretty strict about page load speed. Even for a professional developer, it takes a fair bit of work to improve site speed. You need to work on a lot of factors like – reducing image sizes, improving site code and making it neat and clean code, keeping a check on spam, avoiding unnecessary scripts, selecting the right WordPress theme, plugins and much more. At Inbound Media when we provide website design services, we work on clients’ websites on monthly basis consistently to keep improving their website scores.

First Input Delay (FID): Measures interactivity. To provide a good user experience, strive to have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds.

FID checks the time from when a user first interacts with a page (i.e. when they click a link, tap on a button, or use a similar feature on a page) to the time when the browser is actually able to begin processing it in response to that interaction.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measures visual stability. To provide a good user experience, strive to have a CLS score of less than 0.1.

The above links provide more information in detail, though a lot of it is very technical.


Overall, this is nothing new. Google has been focusing on user experience for the last many years. The only difference is that it takes time to improve such a massic search algorithm and from time to time Google keeps releasing these updates that target user experience. Mainly these updates are further improvements to the algorithm. Its main purpose remains to provide the best experience to users on the web. You should also know that Google considers over 200 factors before they rank any website. This is where SEO experts can help you.


If you need help with improving your SEO score then you can contact us by visiting our SEO services experts page.


If you are someone who likes to watch videos instead of reading then see below. Google released a full video playlist on page experience and how you can make your site user-friendly to rank better in Google. If you need help, you can always contact your developer to make desired changes.


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